Wha is the "U" fork window handle


About the aluminum alloy door and window handle, in the function we can be divided into three types: the first is the multi-point lock window handle, the second is the single point lock window handle, the third is the linkage lock window handle. Multi-point lock window handle from the appearance we can also be divided into three kinds, one is the U fork handle, two is the square shaft handle, three is the double-sided handle. Today we are going to talk about the U-fork handle of the multi-point lock handle.

As you can see from the pictures below, the base of the fork handle has a "U" shaped fork, which is known as its name. The working principle of the fork handle is that the U-fork is stuck on the transmission rod or transmission, and the fork is controlled to move up and down by rotating the handle to drive the operation of the rotating structure. It is worth noting that customers need to pay attention to the following three points in the purchase: 

1, the handle and the window profile should match each other.  

2, some fork handles are distinguished between the left and right (in this factory, there are several handles are not distinguished between the left and right, more conducive to the convenience of customers to buy. Available left and right window handles are: KWA04.KWA04T,KWA03). 

3, Make sure the size of the fork.

U-fork window handle is not only suitable for outswinging casement window, but also suitable for inswinging casement window, so it is widely used in doors and Windows. 

Wha is the "U" fork window handleWha is the "U" fork window handleWha is the "U" fork window handle

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