Export hot list aluuminum door and window handles


This export hot sales single-point internal  and external handle can be adjustable left and right direction arbitrarily, as well as the height of the hook lock. If you need to adjustable the left and right direction, then you can find the screw that hold the handle in place at the bottom of the aluminum handle base and please remove the screw, and you can switch at all. Adujusting the height of the hook lock is even simpler,  when installing the door and window handle, please choose whether you need a gasket to increase the height of the hook lock according to your needs. We will provide you with 4pcs PVC gaskets, a piece is 2.7mm high. This four PVC gaskets are used to adjust the height, there will be more practical.

In addition to this 5027, the same function and effect products are KW010 and KW014. For more products, please visit our website. Welcome to consult at any time. keweihardware@foxmail.com

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