Package work


When the product is installedd, our next job is to package it, and the installed product is place in a basket lined with paper pads. The first thing we need to do is to place the product on the conveyor belt of the automatic packaging machine, which will transport the product to the machine for bagging. At this time, we need one or two workers to coomplete the work, some products need accessories also put together, then we need to two workers to coomperate, one put the product and the other one put the accessories. 

It is worth mentioning that the plastic bag material used by the automatic packaging machine, we are divided into OPP and CPP material, for the product, we choose OPP material, this material toughness is not only easy to be damaged, and CPP material is suitable for packaging accessories.

In addition, the automatic packaging we usually use in the 7-shape handle of the casement window handle, suitable for small size handel, the big size handle we put in the plastic bags by handle.

What's more, For white or other light-colored products, we will often wipe the machinery to avoid the mechanical oil touching the product.

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